Book Review: Tortuous Shadows


(I received this ebook by the author)


Tortuous Shadows is written by Jennifer Parr and the main character is Aria Morgan. Tortuous Shadows is the first instalment in her ‘Avalon Valley’ trilogy.

Eighteen-year-old Aria Morgan, along with her mother and Dviinu brother, Aaron, are virtually nonexistent members of Avalon Valley, a remote village cupped in the hands of paradise. Outcast since birth, Aria has resigned herself to the grim reality that, without finding love and bearing a child in the next few years, she will die – the unkind result of the Darkness’ unrelenting grip on humanity.
But when a harrowing ordeal brings Aria’s end hauntingly near, fate intervenes in the form of Liam Trey, handsome Avalon Valley newcomer. Liam is the kind of guy Aria can see herself having a future with, but her sordid family history follows her like shadows. If she bares her secrets, Liam could reject her, but what does she have to lose?
Despite her fears, Liam has fallen for Aria and so begins their relationship, fragile at best, troubled at worst, and tested to no end. Still, Aria’s future has never been brighter…until Liam is shunned for his association with her, and a warning brings Aria face to face with a decision that will cost her everything she thought she’d never have.
Ringing with dystopian undertones, Tortuous Shadows delivers a rich, old-world feel to modern-day romantics of any age, as Aria is thrust into a journey that leads her down a path to love, redemption, and eternal purpose. Aria’s journey continues in Better Shade, book two of the Avalon Valley trilogy – available soon.

I’m so sorry but I couldn’t finish it. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t get engaged in the story, I was really enjoying it as I started reading it but as I read on, It just got a bit boring for me and I’m a really impatient reader. I read nearly towards the end but I just couldn’t go on.

The first thing that put me off was the relationship between Aria and Liam, I just think that it happened too fast and it was a bit unrealistic. But then again, it might have went well with the story as you read on. But usually like it when it takes a few pages for the relationships to build between the two characters. I feel like the story just dragged on for me and it was going really slow.

However I must point out that I did not hate this book at all, I think it was beautifully written. It was just not my cup of tea but I can definitely see other people enjoying it if they are into this kind of story. I have seen a lot of positive reviews on this book which shows that it’s worth a read. I just didn’t like it because I’m not into that genre I guess.

Anyway, onto the positive stuff:

I loved the fact that all of the chapters had a title of their own. I know it sounds weird, but I usually love to see a title on a new chapter instead of ‘Chapter 13’. It just makes it more interesting and I really wish more authors did it or continued to do it. And I ย want to point ย out again that the style of writing was beautiful, it was the story that didn’t really engage me.

Thank you for letting me to read your book ๐Ÿ™‚ I will definitely recommend it and tell you to give it a try because this was just my honest opinion. Just because I didn’t enjoy it as much as I wanted to doesn’t mean that you won’t as well. So please do read other reviews and see if it’s up for your taste. Have you read it? Please share your thoughts!


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