Book Review: Black Ice |FRUSTRATION



Name: Black Ice

Author: Becca Fitzpatrick

Main Characters: Britt, Mason, Korbie and Calvin

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Contemporary, Suspense

He combed his hand through my hair, pushing it off my shoulder. I held perfectly still, his touch freezing my breath.

“Be safe. Mountains are dangerous this time of year.” I gawked at him until he pulled out of the gas station and drove off.

He knew my name. He’d saved my butt.

He knew my name.

I have mixed emotions towards this book and one of them is definitely frustration. So we start off with these two girls going to the mountains but they get stuck and stuff happens. Imagine if you are on a roller coaster while you’re reading this book and this roller coaster shows your excitement throughout the book, it would be something like this:

Start of book: roller coaster  is going high up, everything is interesting and intense!

As you read on: roller coaster is going even higher, excitement!

Middle of the book: you are slowly going lower and lower because meh…

As you read on: ok please stop what is this

You decide to read more: why am I not getting off

Towards the end-ish: WOW this is amazing! EXCITEMENT!

The End: Nooo why did you ruin it

And now to explain what I really mean, the book got exciting at times but because it takes place in this mountain and in half of the book they’re in the snow, it gets quite boring and drags on. Don’t get me wrong, when it got interesting I absolutely loved and enjoyed it. The other problem I had was that the author leaves you with so many questions because they are some holes in the book that need to be filled.

AND that ending was the cheesiest ending I have ever read, I think the book could’ve been wrapped up better.


-this is the first time I’ve read a ‘contemporary thriller’ and I think if these small ‘problems’ were fixed, it would’ve been amazing! Overall I think it was a really great idea but it wasn’t executed well.

I would recommend this to you, if you’re finding it interesting. You never know, maybe you’ll love it! And of course if you loved the Hush, Hush series, give this a try. I’ve heard from many people that they’ve loved it and had no problems with this book so many look at more reviews?

If you have read it, please share your thoughts! I would love to hear what your experience was with Black Ice 🙂

Stars: 🌟🌟🌟/5


Book Review: Messenger of Fear | Just read it!

MG_MOF_3DThis is the UK cover. So pretty *stares all day*

Name: Messenger of Fear

Author: Michael Grant

Main characters: Mara (don’t want to give rest of them so there are no spoilers)

Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult, Thriller

“Who are you?”

That was the first question I asked the boy in front of me. The pale, solemn young man in the black coat with small silver skulls for buttons.

But he didn’t answer it. Instead he answered the question I never asked, but which was nevertheless what I really wanted to know.

Am I dead?

No, not dead, he told me.

But surely not quite alive, either. How could I be?
I remembered my name – Mara. But, standing in that ghostly place, still shuddering at the memory of the creeping yellow mist that had awoken me in that strange, silent land, I could recall nothing else about myself.

The Messenger sees the darkness in young hearts. If they go unpunished, he offers the wicked a game. Win, and they can go free. Lose, and they will live out their greatest fear.






First can I say that this is the most beautiful book I’ve seen. The paper is painted black on the edges, under the dust jacket is beautifully designed and just look at that cover!

And I loved how I went like “ahhhhh I get it nowww” because the cover is definitely connected to the story and kind of helped me visualise is a bit better.


I picked this up randomly, mostly because it was signed and looked pretty and the synopsis grabbed me when I read it. I know Michael Grant is famous for his Gone series and after reading this book I can say that I will definitely read more of his books in the near future *grabby hands*

Now onto the book itself, I was mesmerised from the start. It was like the book had hands and it just grabbed me and pulled me right in.

The story was absolutely unique and I had never ever read anything like it until now which is rare since most authors write in the same storyline nowadays and it’s so hard to find a good book.

You know it’s a good book when your facial expression changes while you read it. For example I was reading and after a few pages my face hurt and I realised that I was smiling like an idiot or making a horrified face (like an idiot).

This was bad.

The whole day in school I was just thinking what is going to happen next? or Messenger, Messenger, I want to meet the Messenger (well I don’t know he seems hot but on the other hand terrifying…)

The other thing that I really liked was that the story dealt with real life situations and problems. It was just the right amount of reality mixed with fiction. So basically this girl wakes up and she’s like where the hell am I? And comes across this creepy dude who calls himself the Messenger. He might seem heartless and cruel but don’t be fooled by his appearance because he is actually thoughtful and caring in some sort of weird way I guess….

 And OH MY GOD lets talk about that twist! I LOVED IT! From the start I knew I had to be prepared for some sort of surprise in the story and towards the end I was trying to guess and come up with what it was so when it happened I was like RBGDBEGBAEBEGB WHAT OMG WHAT YESSSS!! At that point I just wanted to sit down and hug the book…

I think overall, it gives a great message (haha see what I did there? the messenger? giving messages? no?… okay..I’ll stop…) or simply allows you to feel how it would be like if you we were that awful person because you can easily put yourself in Mara’s shoes and experience it.

What I’m trying to say is to PICK THE BOOK AND READ IT RIGHT NOW.

NOW. (sorry for shouting through the screen)

I’m pretty sure anyone who is into the creepy, horror and supernatural genre will love it! And if you are not that person, just remember that the story is great andI think it’s worth giving it a try! Just to point this out, the back of the book has a warning saying that there are scenes of cruelty and violence.

Stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Here is the trailer, it’s not great but it gives you the idea haha enjoy 🙂


Book Review: The Long Fall | “Thriller lovers will want this!”

photo 1-1

(Book sent by Headline via Bookbridgr)

Hi there!

The Long Fall is written by Julia Crouch and the main characters are Emma, Kate, Beattie, Jake, Tilly and Mark. Genre: Mystery and thriller.

How far would you go to protect your secrets? 

Greece, 1980

Emma takes part in a shattering, violent event. An event to which she is anything but an innocent bystander. She is only eighteen, but this marks her fall from innocence. It will haunt her for the rest of her life.

London, now

Kate has the perfect existence: a glossy image, a glamorous home, a perfect family.

But there are cracks.

All is not what it seems.

And now the two worlds are about to collide.

Somebody’s out for revenge.

Someone who has been waiting for 30 years….


This was absolutely amazing!

This was the first time that I picked up one of Julia Crouch’s books and I must say that I am not dissapointed at all! The first two pages of the book caught my attention, that’s how fast I got engaged into the story. I get so EXCITED when I see authors getting creative with their style of writing. This book was definitely my cup of tea so thank you so much Headline for sending it to me!

This book actually reminded me of Gillian Flynn’s books (Gone Girl) and ‘Never Ending’ by Martyn Bedford because the style of writing and the plot twists were similar to Gone Girl and I absolutely loved that book so this was also SO AMAZING. And if you’ve read ‘Never Ending’ (you really should), you’ll know that the story was also takes place in Greece.

I don’t know why books that take place in Greece just grab my attention and I automatically love them.  I really need to go there soon…

And, OH MY GOSH, I never get how authors can be so clever with their writing! Each part of this book was right on point and an absolute page-turner. I literally could not put it down and will probably pick it up again later. When I was reading some parts I just looked up and said “wow I love you book, I love you” which is crazy and I probably looked crazy.

It’s actually better to know this much about it and starting the book, it makes it more exciting.

If you’ve read any of Gillian Flynn’s books or just love thriller like me, you would be TOTALLY CRAZY if you don’t pick this one up!

I went crazy with my mini post-it notes because there were so many parts that were just SO SHOCKING! And I never do that but this books was just so good. Now if you’re not so into thriller books, this might not be your cup of tea and you might say why are you shouting so much about this book BUT thriller lovers:


I must say that this is an adult book just so you know but 16+ would be fine probably. So if you are able to, read it. I think more people need to talk about these kind of books. It’s actually a great summer read because you go on this journey to Greece with Emma and let me just say that I absolutely enjoyed each description of their drunken times and each character were so well drawn! I really recommend it!

Stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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Book Review: Bad Girls Don’t Die




First can I just say that I love this cover? SO UNIQUE!

Bad Girls Don’t Die is written by Katie Alender and the genre is mystery. Main characters: Alexis and Kasey.

When a family fight results in some tearful sisterly bonding, Alexis realizes that her life is creeping from dysfunction into danger.

Kasey is acting stranger than ever: her blue eyes go green sometimes; she uses old-fashioned language; and she even loses track of chunks of time, claiming to know nothing about her strange behavior.

Their old house is changing, too. Doors open and close by themselves; water boils on the unlit stove; and an unplugged air conditioner turns the house cold enough to see their breath in. Alexis wants to think that it’s all in her head, but soon, what she liked to think of as silly parlor tricks are becoming life-threatening–to her, her family, and to her budding relationship with the class president.

Alexis knows she’s the only person who can stop Kasey — but what if that green-eyed girl isn’t even Kasey anymore?

The book is very well written. Alexis seemed like a real teenager and this helped to make the story way more believable. This book was definitely creepy, infact the best part was the creepiness. It’s not scary but if you get freaked out easily then I recommend not reading it at night because I did and in some parts I just had to put the book down or turn more lights on haha

It is very fast-paced and there are no unnecessary parts in it which just made it more perfect because I just hate it when the author goes on and on without being relevant. As you might know I LOVE CREEPY STORIES! And this was just so unique and interesting. I really need to get to the second book! There’s not much to say other than it was really good because I think it’s one of those stories that you need to read without knowing much.


Bad girls don’t die is for teens but it definitely appeals to adults as well. There are two more books after this one. And if you like books filled with creepy stuff then I definitely recommend it. SO AMAZING.


Book Review: The Devil in the Corner



 (Book sent to me by The Guardian)


The Devil in the Corner is written by Patricia Elliott and the main characters are Maud Greenwood, John Shawcross, Juliana Greenwood and Edie Brundish. Genre: mystery, gothic, horror, young adult and romance. It is a gorgeously gothic historical tale.

Penniless, and escaping the horrors of life as a governess to brutal households, Maud seeks refuge with the cousin-by-marriage she never knew. But Juliana quashes Maud’s emerging friendships with the staff and locals – especially John, the artist commissioned to restore the sinister Doom in the local church. John, however, is smitten with Maud and makes every effort to woo her.

Maud, isolated and thwarted at every turn, continues to take the laudanum which was her only solace in London. Soon she becomes dependent on the drug – so is this the cause of her fresh anxieties? Or is someone – or something – plotting her demise? Is the devil in the corner of the Doom a reality, or a figment of her imagination?

I absolutely loved The Devil in the Corner. Personally I really like creepy, Victorian-era stories so this was just so enjoyable for me. I will admit that some parts got really slow and dragged on but I could not put the book down as I got engaged into the story. It might put some people off but the detailed story made it more realistic for me.

Some parts really did creep the hell out of me, especially when I was reading late at night which I did often because it was so GOOD!

The characters are very well written and I found all of them mysterious in some way because the way that author had written about each character made you think that maybe they’re not who they seem to be.

And the ending was just fantastic! I think the reader isn’t able to tell what is about to happen in the next chapter which is always important otherwise why would you keep reading if you know the end?

The romance between John and Maud was really well developed and realistic. And as I said before I really enjoy the stories that take place in that era and the way that the book is written makes you familiar with the times and how people were which was so interesting! I absolutely loved the use of drugs such as the laudanum in the book. All of these little details made the book more realistic.

I really recommend it to young adults and even adults would enjoy it in my opinion! Especially if you’re in to creepy, horror stories. Have you read it? Please share your thoughts!



Book Review: Out of Control


(Book sent to me by The Guardian)


Out of Control is written by Sarah Alderson and the main characters are Olivia (Liva) and Jaime Moreno (Jay). Genre: contemporary, mystery, romance and thriller.

When 17 year old Liva witnesses a brutal murder she’s taken into police custody for her own protection. But when the police station is attacked and bullets start flying it becomes clear that Liva is not just a witness, she’s a target. Together with a car thief called Jay, Liva manages to escape the massacre but now the two of them are alone in New York, trying to outrun and outwit two killers who will stop at nothing to find them. When you live on the edge, there’s a long way to fall.

Wow, I did not expect to be hooked when I started to read Out of Control. It is fast-paced, super addictive and it feels like you’ve just watched a movie. I really enjoyed the mystery that was present in the book and I think Sarah Alderson did a great job keeping the reader in suspense because from the start we see that these group of people are after Olivia and she cannot trust anyone. I literally didn’t know what was going to happen in the next chapter which was what kept me going.

I think the character development was brilliant and what was really interesting was that the book is set in two days which was really cool in my opinion. The thing that I really loved was that Olivia couldn’t trust anyone but the boy she met. It definitely made me excited to see how their relationship was going to turn out and I alway looked forward to their conversations. And lemme just say how much I loved Jay’s character (hottie alert). It was really nice to get involved in Jay’s family life as well.

I would have liked to read more about Olivia’s life before all of the attacks happened because that would’ve made me feel closer to her character. I think the story starts too early with the attack but then again it did engage me immediately because as you start the book, the character gets attacked and you just want to know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!

I am giving this book 3.8/5 only because I just felt like there were some things missing in the story. If I was being generous, I would definitely give it 4 stars but…It isn’t one of my favourites but I think it’s a good stand-alone to try.

If you’re looking for a nice fast-paced and action packed story then I really recommend this book! Especially if you have read Alderson’s other books. I feel like it’s one of those books you can read after you’ve read a great series or trilogy and you just need something fun to read. Have you read it? Please share your thoughts!

Stars: 🌟🌟🌟.8

My Favourite Stand-alones


This post is all about my favourite stand-alones that I’ve read. We all enjoy a good trilogy from time to time but to be honest, I love reading stand-alones because in my opinion some trilogies get boring in the second book, so without further ado lets get to it!

Here I’m going to show my most favourites in different genres so you can pick the genre you’re most interested in! And I love all of these equally, I cannot pick my most favourite between them.

1) Thriller: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

My favourite author for thriller stories is Gillian Flynn. She is absolutely amazing and I think Gone Girl was a masterpiece! It might be slow at the start but as you get more into it, it just gets better and better. It is so cleverly written and I think it’s definitely a must read for all you thriller lovers out there!

Click for my full review on Gone Girl

Gone Girl

2) Vampire-esque: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

I absolutely love vampire books but nowadays most vampire books are based on a love triangle or just romance. I think that’s great but it gets kind of repetitive when you read a lot of vampire books and I thought that diversity in this genre was gone but Holly Black proved me wrong! I think this is the only stand-alone I’ve read that is about vampires and it has such a unique story. This is definitely a must-read!

Coldest girl

3) Zombie-esque: Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I usually run away from stories that have zombies in them. They don’t sound attractive to me and I just dislike anything with zombies in them BUT this book was just perfection. I never thought I would be able to read a story like this, It’s fast-paced and beautifully written. I loved the hint of humour that was present in the book, it really brightened my mood. I think Isaac Marion did a great job creating this destroyed world and all of the characters included in it. It was such an adorable and heart-wrenching story so if it sounds interesting, I really suggest picking it up!


4) Romance: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Words cannot describe how much I loved this book! It’s so simple yet so powerful because Rainbow Rowell makes you feel emotions that you never thought would be possible to be written down. Even if it’s a young adult book, I still recommend it to everyone! It’s such a heart-breaking and beautiful story.


5) Humor/realistic fiction: Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan

Apart from ‘The Fault in Our Stars’, this book was also one of my favourites and it is written by two of my favourites authors! It was such a unique story and even though I did get confused at the start, but I could not put it down! I read it in a few days and absolutely enjoyed it. If you have enjoyed John Green’s and David Levithan’s books then you really need to read this!


6) Mystery/psychology: The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer

And last but not least, I recommend The Shock of the Fall. I was absolutely blown away by the way it was written and seriously recommend it!

Click here to find out more about this amazing book


I hope you found some of these interesting! Looking for series/trilogies to read? Click here. Please share your thoughts.

Book Review: Gone Girl

Gone Girl


Gone Girl is written by Gillian Flynn. Main characters: Nick Dunne, Amy Elliot (Dunne), Go Dunne. Genre: fiction and thriller. Gone Girl is the thriller of the year. Who are you? What have we done to each other? These are the questions Nick Dunne finds himself asking on the morning of his fifth wedding anniversary, when his wife Amy suddenly disappears. The police suspect Nick. Amy’s friends reveal that she was afraid of him, that she kept secrets from him. He swears it isn’t true. A police examination of his computer shows strange searches. He says they weren’t made by him. And then there are the persistent calls on his mobile phone. So what really did happen to Nick’s beautiful wife? Oh god where can I start. First let me just say that this book is just simply amazing. It’s definitely one of my favourites right now. It took me long to read this only because I was so busy with school but every free time that I had, I would just read read and read. I guess at the start of every book, it goes kinda slow. And this was slow at first too. When i read the plot for the first time, I thought it was going to be all about him finding his missing wife and they live happily ever after. But no. It was definitely more than that. Let me just tell you. THERES A BIG TWIST IN IT. When I got to the middle I was just like WHAT? OMG WHAT HAPPENED WHAT WHAT dsgstd-nrd But I’m not going to say more. It’s just so cleverly written and the reader would have no idea what is going to happen in the next chapter. You just cannot put this book down. I just cannot describe it in words! And let me tell you, it is definitely the thriller of the year. I wouldn’t recommend this to young readers. I don’t even think it’s for teenagers but 15 and up would be fine and if you’re and adult, definitely give it a try! Well of course you can choose to read it or not. Have you read it? Please share your thoughts! It’s a must read! Stars: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟